Newspaper Inserts in Bangalore

About GNR Ads

A very few companies have the ability to reach a diverse set of audience. As a person who’s done the business for more than 9 years, I can confidently say that offline marketing is something you should try to reach more customers and more importantly get their undivided attention.

Imagine having your customers undivided attention. That can’t be done in the digital today, where the customer’s attention spans are less than just 8 seconds.

When you get their attention, you could influence them in new ways to take action that’ll bring more results for your brand.

We are doing it through the traditional yet result oriented method by reaching customers in their homes.

If you as a brand are looking to outsmart your competition, you should reach out to us for a quote.

What We Do

We are able to give you this as a service because we’ve seen our partner brands do really well while they take this cost effective method to do business with us.